Жизнь мехек 261 серия, Жизнь Мехэк / Zindagi ki Mehak (2016) 1 сезон 136 серия

Жизнь мехек 261 серия

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Eduard Kolchisky.

Жизнь Мехэк / Zindagi ki Mehek

This essay is devoted the year anniversary of Daniil Vladimirovich Lebedev, an outstanding historian of science and bibliographer. Being a geneticist he became involved in the conflict surrounding T. Lysenko, during which he refused to disavow his teachers who had been arrested: N. Vavilov, G. Karpechenko, G. During the whole war he served on the front.

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After the war Lebedev was employed by the Library of the Soviet Academy of Sciences, became its director in the early s, and then fell victim to the rising repressive political actions. He later worked in the Botanical Institute of the Academy of Sciences — and in the Leningrad Department of the Institute for the history of science and technology — He was an author of approximately world-renown works in the fields of history of science.

Lebedev has influenced many authors who have written about the history of the -Lysenkoism struggle.

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Tatiana Pentkovskaya , Sergey Ivanov. The translation in question, the Egorov Manuscript from the Russian State Library, is the earliest extant version which was not part of the Great Menaia collection compiled by the Metropolitan Makarij.

This version is closest to the Slavonic text and much closer to the 10th century Byzantine protograph than the Moscow manuscript published in The research part of the book defines the place of the published Slavonic text among other Old Russian translations of the Pre-Mongol period.

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Also described are the peculiarities of the original Byzantine text from which both the Slavonic Egorov version and the Greek Dionysiou version derive. Pavel Lurje. This obituary is in Russian.

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The English version of almost the same text is about to appear in Scrinium, and the Tajik version, in the "Newsletter of Panjakent University". The longer article entitled "V. Livshits and his method.

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Quaestio Rossica. Aapke Aa Jaane Se. В закладки.

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Многоголосый закадровый , Профессональный Многоголосый. Плеер 1 Плеер 2.

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